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The Entire Moro Arc | Dragon Ball Super Manga in 13 Minutes

Get ready to unleash your inner Saiyan and dive into the next exhilarating wolrd of Dragon Ball Super! The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc, aka the Moro Arc, will take you on a wild ride through the universe as you follow Goku and his squad on their latest mission. After the jaw-dropping events of Dragon Ball Super Broly, you won't want to miss what happens next. Prepare for heart-pumping battles, mind-blowing twists, and a brand new villain - the cunning and powerful Moro. Are you ready to join the fight and become a part of the legendary Dragon Ball universe?

The epic Moro Arc picks up where Dragon Ball Super Broly left off. Goku and Vegeta are back in action, training hard and exchanging playful banter. But their peace is short-lived when Mr. Satan calls them in a panic. Buu has been kidnapped, and our heroes must act fast to save him.

As they rush to the rescue, Goku and Vegeta talk about their future plans and their battle strategies. Vegeta, ever the proud warrior, asks about Ultra Instinct, but Goku admits he hasn't been able to use it since the Tournament of Power. Before they can delve any further, their mission is interrupted by the kidnappers.

Goku offers to teleport them over, but Vegeta stubbornly insists on flying there himself. As they arrive at the scene of the crime, they soon realize that they're dealing with a formidable foe. One of the kidnappers takes down both Goku and Vegeta with ease, leaving them stunned and vulnerable.

With their fate hanging in the balance, our heroes find themselves abducted and hurtling through space to an unknown destination. Will they be able to outsmart their captors and save Buu? Follow Goku and Vegeta on their perilous journey as they face off against new villains and discover their true strengths. The Moro Arc is packed with action, suspense, and surprises. Don't miss out!

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