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What If GOKU was Betrayed and Trapped In The Time Chamber by Daishinkan | Dragon Ball Super

What if the Daishinkan betrayed and trapped Goku .... in a modified Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

As the Zeno Samas hear tales of the legendary warrior, Goku, they become increasingly curious about the hero who saved Planet Cereal. They make the bold decision to venture to Earth, eager to meet the powerful warrior in person and see the planet he calls home. Will Goku be able to show them the wonders of Earth and impress the all-powerful Zeno Samas? Will this visit be the beginning of a powerful friendship or an epic showdown? However, the Daishinkan ever watchful, becomes concerned with Goku's growing influence over the Zeno Samas. In a desperate bid to regain control, the Daishinkan sets a trap for Goku, trapping him in the mysterious Time Room. Will Goku be able to break free and continue his quest for power, or will he be forever trapped in the Time Chamber and the Daishinkans clutches?"

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