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NEW (Pre DLC 14 2022) How To Mod Xenoverse 2 EASY ANY DLC - Fix Problems ANY VERSION (Update 1.17.2)

THIS FIXES THE Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 After Small DLC 14 Update Year 2022-2023 LEAP YEAR GLITCH with MODS!

NOTE: If you have ANY issues, uninstall everything related to the XV2INS! Uninstall ALL mods and verify the game cache integrity within steam and then proceed to reinstall everything over again. Make sure you open your game from within the XV2 directory (DB Xenoverse 2 - bin - DBXV2.exe) - ALSO don't ask about console modding, I cannot help you.

ALL LINKS YOU NEED - All credit goes to Eternity:

Winrar download -

Patcher -

Citadel - Join the Citadel for modding projects & help!

How To Install Update Mod Xenoverse 2 / How To Install Mods In Xenoverse 2 ALL AND ANY DLC Pack 14 2022! Xenoverse 2 Mods After Update 1.17 "V2"! REMEMBER DO NOT USE MODS ONLINE! This is the same guide to FIX ALL UPDATE ERRORS FOR MODS!

Here's how to play with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods AFTER the 1.17 Update Patch that fixes the LEAP YEAR GLITCH Hero Colosseum with DLC Pack 14 by installing the newest patcher update by Eternity! 1.17 disables modded files through an EasyAntiCheat file.

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