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Legendary Super Saiyan is Legendary

The Definitive Dragon Ball Super Power Scale [Part 4 of ?] A Full Analysis of the Tournament of Power / Universe Survival Arc which covers the power of Jiren, Super Saiyan Berserk Kale, Legendary Super Saiyan Kefla, Ultimate Gohan, Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Golden Freeza and Toppo.


00:00 The Journey Continues

02:38 The Power of the Gods of Destruction

06:34 The Power of Goku Vs Android 17

08:06 The Power of Hit Vs Jiren

10:45 The Power of Caulifla & Kale

14:59 The Power of Gohan Vs Kefla

17:11 Conclusion & Next Episode Preview


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