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End of Z Goku - The STRONGEST in Dragon Ball Z

In this Video, I explain the Dragon Ball Z Ending and End of Z Goku's True Power 10 Years after Majin Buu! How Strong is Goku at End of Z and how does his Power compare to Kid Boo and Oob? Goku Vs Uub is fully analysed to show the True Power of Goku's Base Form. Super Saiyan isn't even required. You will also see how Strong Goku and Uub become at the Start of Dragon Ball GT. The Power of EoZ Vegeta will also be calculated.


00:00 Introduction to the 28th Budokai Tenkaichi

01:57 The Expected Power of Oob (The Reincarnation of Kid Buu)

06:03 The Rising Power of Goku and Uub

11:02 Goku and Uub's Dragon Ball GT Power Up


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