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Dragon Ball Z Kid Buu Saga - ALL POWER LEVELS (Super Vegito, Gokhan & End of Z)

Episode 6 of ALL Power Levels from the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z. Power Levels stopped after Namek, but I've calculated what they should be in this exciting new Dragon Ball Z Power Level Series. Thumbnail by Naironkr and BrusselTheSaiyan #DragonBall #DragonBallZ #DragonBallSuper

00:00 How Strong is Tien Vs Buutenks?

02:38 How Strong is Buuhan and Gokule?

04:30 How Strong is Kibitokai?

06:04 How Strong is Super Vegetto?

07:08 How Strong is Gokhan? (Goku & Gohan Fusion)

08:50 How Strong is SSJ3 Goku Vs Kid Boo?

10:12 How Strong is End of Z Goku Vs Oob / Uub?