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Why Legendary Super Saiyan Is Stronger Than Legendary Super Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z)

LSSJ Broly is a FREAK? Not so, he is the DEVIL! The Original Z Broly SOLOS the ENTIRE Dragon Ball Roster because he is the LEGENDARY Super Saiyan! KAKAROT!!! How Strong actually is Broli The Legendary Super Saiyan from the 3 DBZ Movies including Second Coming and Bio Broly? We will look at the power of the Goku, Gohan & Goten Family Kamehameha Vs Broly. Find out the Multiplier of Broly's Forms including Legendary Super Saiyan in this Dragon Ball Z Video. I will eventually get around to DBS Broly from the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. Thumbnail by BillyZar. Music by Styzmask and Saiyan Enigma #DragonBall #DragonBallZ #DragonBallSuper

00:00 How Strong is Broly? (LSSJ Movie)

04:14 How Strong is Broly Vs Gohan in The Second Coming?

07:48 How Strong is Bio Broly?

08:28 Feats & Forms

10:08 Broly Vs SSJ2 Gohan & Super Perfect Cell