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Goku Jr IS Goku REINCARNATED: Dragon Ball GT Ending EXPLAINED (A Hero's Legacy Special)

Goku Jr is the REINCARNATION of the Original Son Goku. THIS is why. After the mysterious behaviour of Goku Jr during the Dragon Ball GT Special: A Hero's Legacy, Son Goku returns 100 Years Later in more ways than one. This is the Dragon Ball GT Ending Explained. Credit to Geekdom101 for his research on Goku's "Ascension in Broad Daylight" in the Shadow Dragons Arc. Music by Majin Blue. Thumbnail by OiOiOii_25 #DragonBall #DragonBallZ #DragonBallSuper

00:00 Introduction to Dragon Ball GT Special: A Hero's Legacy

01:56 The Story of Goku Jr & The Theme of Courage

07:56 How Goku Jr became Son Goku whilst Super Saiyan

12:57 The Secret & Mystery of 100 Year Timeskip Goku & Goku Jr