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The HISTORY of Beerus and his Training to Become a Destroyer! | Dragon Ball Hakai (FULL COLOR)

This is a full color remaster of videos 4 and 11 of Hakai - With Goku chosen as the next God of Destruction, he would undergo the ritual to make it official. During all of this, he stumbled upon three statues. Each representing a different destroyer of this universe. How this trio come to be?

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Theevs - Kingdom Come

Laurel Violet - Aries

Charlie Ryan - Polemos Mons

Shahead Mostafafar - This Will Be The End

Lux-Inspira - Foreboding (Artlist)

I am Fowler - Thunder

Sir Cubworth - Vacation Casual

Sid Archarya - Falling Through the Hourglass

TeknoAxe - Get the Guy With The Stash

TeknoAxe - Relaxing Acoustic

David Morton - Last Chance

Tomas Herudek - Tyler Durden

The Fall Of Freedom - Martin Puehringer

Friedrich Habetler - Vegeta Royal Blue Theme

Martin Puehringer - One Last Ride

Pokemixr - Ultra Instinct Rush

Friedrich Habetler - Saiyan Pride

Tillman Sillescu - Treachery

Jimmy Svensson - Are You Real

Tomas Herudek - Sound of Something Horrible

Tomas Herudek - East Crew

Tomas Herudek - Pendulum Above (Artlist)

Ziv - Jingle Bells

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