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Birth of a NEW DESTROYER!! LORD GOKU Arrives!! | Dragon Ball Hakai

This is a full color remaster of video 3 of Hakai - it was put to a vote who the next Destroyer to replace Champa would be: Goku or Vegeta? With a tally of 24 to 0, it was decided the prince was the best man for the job! But Zeno had other plans, overturning the ballot and giving the position to his friend Goku!

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Theevs - Kingdom Come

Anthony Vega - Don't Be Stupid

Roman P - Time

Kevin Graham - By the Sword

Lingerwell - Attack

Anthony Vega - Comic Relief

Roman P - Step Back

Tomas Herudek - Existence

Ty Simon - The Thing Is

Until the End - Kevin Graham

One Last Ride - Martin Puehringer

Jay Ray - Self Resonance

The Fall Of Freedom - Martin Puehringer

Biocide - System (outro)

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