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Cell ELIMINATES the Z Fighters!! Krillin Earth's Last Hope?! | Dragon Ball New Hope (FULL COLOR)

When Gohan initially was called upon to defeat Cell, there was much speculation he would take the reins from his father as the lead protagonist of the series. Though we now know this not to be the case, what if it was neither he OR Goku who would move forward as the primary focus? What if someone else, albeit familiar to us today, were given a much more prominent role than they currently play?

Dragon Ball NH series playlist (black and white, full color coming very, very soon)

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Theevs - Kingdom Come

Sivan Talmor - Finding My Memories

Tomas Herudek - East Crew

Jeremy Blake - Heaven and Hell

Ardie Son - Hidden

PokéMixr92 - Golden Frost Theme

Sir Cubworth - Vacation Casual

Tomas Herudek - Existence

Friedrich Habetler - Vegeta Royal Blue Theme

MajinBlue - Ultra Instinct MajinBlue -Intro-

TeknoAxe - Get the Guy With The Stash

TeknoAxe - Small Whale

MajinBlue - Ultra Instinct MajinBlue

Sir Cubworth - Vacation Casual

MajinBlue - SSGSSE Vegeta (Genkidama Theme)

Pokemixr - A Battle Well Fought

Friedrich Habetler - Vegeta Royal Blue Theme

Theevs - Kingdom Come

David Fesliyan - Scouting Mission

Rotem Moav - Warriors Tribe

MajinBlue - Blue Flash Assault feat. 94Stones

TeknoAxe - Relaxing Acoustic

Kevin Graham - By the Sword

Jeremy Blake - Heaven and Hell

Michael FK - Empyrean

Ziv Moran - Jingle Bells

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