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The GENOCIDE of Beerus's Race?? YAMCHA IS COOL AGAIN?! | Dragon Ball Bloodlines (FULL COLOR)

This is a full color remaster of videos 3-5 of Bloodlines - Goten and Trunks finally begin to come of age and find themselves in their teenage years! After a powerful rogue appeared who looks like she could be the sister of Lord Beerus, a familiar face - or familiar to us at least, would attempt to chase her down!

Colors of Christmas

Video 2 of 2 for Dragon Ball Bloodlines (Full Color)

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Created by


Tyrell Snow


Bloodlines Production Team


Sphinx_Artist (instagram)

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Theevs - Kingdom Come

Big Little Game - Tomas Herudek

Jordan Hatfield - Desperately Sick

David Morton - Retribution (Artlist)

One Last Ride - Martin Puehringer

Aakash Gandhi - Chariots of War

G-Yerro - Asian Dreams

Jakub Pietras - Slava

Or Chausha - Flying Aces

Red City Hero - Movement

Tomas Herudek - Running Little Dog

Lingerwell - Attack

Sebastian Pangal - Supercluster

Kevin Graham - Save Us All

Jakub Pietras - Galaxy Destroyers

Tomas Herudek - Walk Faster

Lingerwell - Attack

Pokemixr - Ultra Instinct Rush

Pokemixr - A Battle Well Fought

The Whole Other - Ether Oar

Jon Gegelman - Death in Space

Tomas Herudek - Big Little Game

Tomas Herudek - Tyler Durden

Ziv Moran - Jingle Bells

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