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God of Destruction Goku spots HIDDEN PLANET?? BOOK OF THE UNIVERSE Reveals All!! | Dragon Ball Hakai

As Vados is with the Grand Priest, Goku would venture to the world where Liai, his Kaioshin, is still learning how to be a God of Creation. There, her assistant, Kiborou, reads to them from the many Books of the Universe to find the location of the Primordial Beast called “Hiru”.

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Theevs - Kingdom Come

Jay Ray - Cold Light (feat. Jimmie Strimell)

Or Chausha - Flying Aces - Instrumental Version

Kevin Graham - Save Us All

Jakub Pietras - Galaxy Destroyers

Ikoliks - Game Changer

Taheda - Apocalypse Inside

Leva - On The Edge

Anthony Vega - Don't Be Stupid

Shahead Mostafafar - This Will Be The End

Martin Puehringer - The Fall Of Freedom

Martin Puehringer - The Great Sacrifice

Jay Ray - King Vultures

Friedrich Habetler - Golden Frieza Theme

David Morton - Last Chance

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