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Beerus Resurrects Cell to Punish Gohan | Dragon Ball Rage | FULL STORY (so far)

After the Tournament of Power, Beerus discovers there is a little more to Gohan than what meets the eye. In a bid to draw out his hidden power, he does something unforgivable..


Jairus Smith

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Theevs - Kingdom Come

The David Roy Collective - A Tender Heart

Sebastian Pangal - Supercluster

Sir Cubworth - Vacation Casual

Anthony Vega - Comic Relief

Tomas Herudek - Big Little Game

TeknoAxe - Get the Guy With The Stash

TeknoAxe - Relaxing Acoustic

Kevin Graham - Until the End

David Morton - Last Chance

Narrow Skies - You Won't Find Me

Rotem Moax - Shadows Legion

Ziv Moran - Seven Wonders (Artlist)

Jordan Hatfield - Jeremiah 17

Tomas Herudek - Walk Faster

Friedrich Habetler - Gohan's Anger

Martin Puehringer - The Great Sacrifice

Kevin Graham - Juggernaught

Friedrich Habetler Music - Hakai Theme

Kevin Graham - Fallen (Artlist) - Copy

Friedrich Habetler - Saiyan Pride

The Great Sacrifice - Martin Puehringer

The Fall Of Freedom - Martin Puehringer

Attack - Lingerwell

Pokemixr - A Battle Well Fought

Veaceslav Draganov - Picture

Yonnie Dror - Xiao Among the Skyscrapers

CK Martin - End of the Line

Tomas Herudek - Existence

Ty Simon - Still Got Paris

Ty Simon - The Thing Is

I am Fowler - Thunder

Friedrich Habetler Music - A Tyrant Revived!

One Last Ride - Martin Puehringer

Pokemixr - Ultra Instinct Rush

Victor Spiegel - I'll Drown My Book

Tomas Herudek - Roots

Tomas Herudek - Tyler Durden

Lux-Inspira - Revenger (Artlist)

Lux-Inspira - Foreboding (Artlist)

PokéMixr92 - Golden Frost Theme

Jakub Pietras - Galaxy Destroyers

Taheda - Ain

Henrik Lindström - Portals

Jay Ray - Self Resonance

Claire Kelly - Running Out

Roman P - Middle

TeknoAxe - Small Whale

Biocide - System (outro)

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