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Dragon Ball AFTER GOKU?! SAVIOR Turned VILLAIN?? | Dragon Ball EX (FULL STORY)

Goku as we know him is no more. How will our heroes not only manage, but SURVIVE after their greatest savior turns against them?


Art by Rogeru (pages 103 onward)

Translated by Karl-OS

Art also by Sebliet (pages 1 - 103)

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Music (listed alphabetically)

Aleksey Chistlin - Deep Breath (Artlist)

Anthony Vega - Comic Relief

Art Against Agony - Abysmal Gate

Attack - Lingerwell

Big Little Game - Tomas Herudek

Biocide - System (outro)

David Morton - Last Chance

Eleven Kingdons - Blood on Ice

Eleven Tales - Submersed Part 2

Eleven Tales - Wellspring

Friedrich Habetler - Vegeta Royal Blue Theme

Jameson Nathan Jones - Grounded (Artlist)

Jay Ray - King Vultures

Jeremy Blake - Heaven and Hell

Kevin Graham - By the Sword

Kevin Graham - Fallen (Artlist)

Laurel Violet - Aries

Lighthouse on a Cliff - Aleksey Chistilin

Lingerwell - Attack

Lux-Inspira - Impenetrable (Artlist)

Lux-Inspira - People Power (Artlist)

MajinBlue - Super Saiyan Vegeta

Martin Puehringer - Panic Ensues

Martin Puehringer - The Great Sacrifice

Narrow Skies - You Won't Find Me

Oliver Michael - Witness

One Last Ride - Martin Puehringer

PokeMixr92 - Goku Black

Pokemixr - A Battle Well Fought

Pokemixr - Ultra Instinct Rush

Roman P - Elysium

Roman P - I Will Rise

Roman P - Step Back

Roman P - Time

Roman P - Welcome to War

Rotem Moav - Taste of Defeat

Rotem Moax - Shadows Legion

Sebastian Pangal - Supercluster

Sir Cubworth - Lovable Clown Sit Com

Sivan Talmor - Finding My Memories

TeknoAxe - Logical Sequence of Events

The Fall Of Freedom - Martin Puehringer

Theevs - Kingdom Come

Tilman Sillescu - Misty Mountain

Tomas Herudek - And This Is My Story

Tomas Herudek - Running Little Dog

Tomas Herudek - Sound of Something Horrible

Tomas Herudek - Tyler Durden

Tomas Herudek - You Should Run

Until the End - Kevin Graham

Veaceslav Draganov - Picture

Victor Spiegel - I'll Drown My Book

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