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If Dragon Ball had Pokemon...

Discover the ultimate Pokémon teams for your favorite Dragon Ball characters in this exciting video! Dive into the world of underrated characters with distinct personalities as we craft unique teams for Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and even Chi-Chi! Krillin's squad includes Blastoise, Maushold (family of three), Helialisk, Kommo-o, and Growlithe, while Yamcha's crew boasts Lycanroc (midnight form), Mightyena, Klawf, Cacturne, Marowak, and Purrloin. Tenshinhan's team features Dodrio, Machamp, Sigilyph, Claydol, Drampa, and Alolan Exeggutor, while Chi-Chi's team shines with Crueledge, Aipom, Kangaskhan and Politeageist. Don't miss this epic fusion of Dragon Ball and Pokemon worlds, and stay tuned for more exciting content coming soon, including the villains' teams and a special reveal you won't want to miss! Subscribe now and join the fun!

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If Dragon Ball Characters were Pokemon Trainers...

Fusing Dragon Ball with Pokemon - what happens?

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If you're a fan of Dragon Ball and Pokémon, you won't want to miss MasakoX's latest video on his YouTube channel, MasakoX. In this exciting discussion, MasakoX explores the intriguing concept of Dragon Ball and Pokémon colliding, creating a fusion of two beloved universes. Imagine Krillin leading a Pokémon team consisting of Blastoise, challenging the very fabric of reality. Masako X delves deep into the realm of "What If" scenarios, pondering the possibilities of epic battles and unexpected alliances in a Dragon Ball Pokémon game. Whether you're a die-hard DBZ fan, a Pokémon enthusiast, or simply curious about anime crossovers, this video offers a unique blend of entertainment, featuring iconic characters like Chichi and Launch, all within the context of a Pokeball Z adventure. Don't miss out on this captivating fusion of Dragon Ball and Pokémon discussions, exclusively on MasakoX's channel.

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