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What if Ĝ̵̯̦͕̾O̶̖͇̹̚͠K̸͚͉̑̽̽U̸͚̺͈̅͐̏͠ Landed at Capsule Corp? 24

Had Goku landed somewhere else, he might've ended up as Bulma's brother...what other crazy things could happen in this alternate Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) reality?

What could have happened to Goku if he had landed at Capsule Corp instead of with Grandpa Gohan? What if he happened to end up as Bulma's brother and the friend of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman? Could this have changed Dragon Ball entirely? 5 years later and Dragon Ball Z has begun to occur with Raditz showing up to meet his brother...but even more things are going down! A creature named Perfection awakens and showcases powerful abilities. It drains the life force of Dr. Mew, leaving him barely alive, and reveals its ability to take over weak minds.

🚀 Dive into the action-packed world of "What if Ĝ̵̯̦͕̾O̶̖͇̹̚͠K̸͚͉̑̽̽U̸͚̺͈̅͐̏͠ Landed at Capsule Corp? 24" in this thrilling video! Join us as we unravel the intense pursuit of General Magenta by a fierce blonde woman at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters during a chaotic evacuation. This gripping storyline unfolds with car chases, injuries, and unexpected alliances, all while setting the stage for an epic showdown in the world of Dragon Ball Z. Plus, we explore the intriguing dynamics between Trunks, Androids, and a mysterious threat from space. Don't miss this exciting episode and stay tuned for more thrilling twists and turns! Subscribe for all the latest updates on your favorite Dragon Ball content. #dragonball #dragonballz #whatif #dragonballwhatif #anime #dragonballsuper #dbz

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What If Goku Landed At Capsule Corp? 24

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