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What if Goku Landed at Capsule Corp? 22

Had Goku landed somewhere else, he might've ended up as Bulma's brother...what other crazy things could happen in this alternate Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) reality?

What could have happened to Goku if he had landed at Capsule Corp instead of with Grandpa Gohan? What if he happened to end up as Bulma's brother and the friend of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman? Could this have changed Dragon Ball entirely? In this thrilling 22nd episode of our Dragon Ball What-If Saga, Vegeta, Trunks, and allies find themselves locked in a gripping showdown against Lapis and Lazuli of the notorious Red Ribbon Army. Watch as our heroes showcase their unyielding spirit, pushing their foes to retreat. The team then embarks on a strategic mission to bolster their powers using the mysterious Time Chamber, setting the stage for an even greater showdown.

Meanwhile, an unexpected guest, Nomad, delivers a chilling prophecy, hinting at a formidable foe on the horizon. The plot thickens as we dive deep into the origin story of a new biomechanical creature - 'Perfection', whose premature awakening has even its creators trembling in fear.

Gear up for a thrilling adventure and non-stop action as Bocksa and friends face new challenges in this Dragon Ball saga! Don't miss the intense battles, strategies, and a shocking new threat! Subscribe and ring that bell to stay updated on all our Dragon Ball content! #DragonBall #WhatIf #DragonBallWhatIf #DragonBallZ #DBZ #goku

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What If Goku Landed At Capsule Corp? 22

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