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New Arc Begins! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Review: Spider Man Meets Scooby Doo?

Dragon Ball Super's manga is back and shows us what Goten and Trunks are doing, succeeding Gohan as the Great Saiyaman! Saiyaman X1 and X2 are busy thwarting baddies and in this case, Dr Hedo. All of this ties into the events of Dragonball Super Super Hero, the arrival of Black Frieza and the establishing of stuff before Gohan Beast, Orange Piccolo and more.

Forgive the rushed presentation, I had to go deal with some family stuff!

However, what is on the disc that Dr Gero had? We shall find out more, but for a first chapter of a new arc from Toyotaro, this is a great and exciting start which blends elements from Marvel's Spider Man, Scooby Doo and more high school antics!

Spider Man meets Scooby Doo? Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88: Spider Man Meets Scooby Doo?

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