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What If Goku Met Bardock in HFIL? 7

What If Bardock met Goku in HFIL? Goku meets his father in the Other World and then has perhaps a chance to get to know him. Would that be a good thing though? This scenario is the biggest thing that people have LONGED for, in games and stories...and it COULD happen indirectly in the manga very for father and son to see what might happen. Might they end up being best buddies...or not want anything to do with one another? In any case, we are going to be covering the full narrative this month, so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to get the next part as soon as it's out...but now, let's set the scene. Goku revives Bardock...but why?

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If Goku Met Bardock in HFIL...Then What? | Dragon Ball Z Part 7

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