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If Whis & Beerus KIDNAPPED Broly, Then What?

If Broly had been spotted by Whis sooner, would that lead to Goku's future rival to tread a different path in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super? Here's the full story.

Instead of just simply talking about Broly replacing Beerus, I wanted to take it in a direction where the arrival or discovery of Broly would be something of interest to the angel and his cat. Granted, it would be a little bit unorthodox, but based around the history of Dragon Ball, I think we can come up with something compelling...and before you folks say anything, I haven't watched Carthu's take on this whilst researching this video so as to not influence my with that, let's set the scene. #DragonBall #WhatIf #DragonballWhatIf #DragonBallSuper #DBZ #DragonBallZ #Broly #Whis #beerus

00:00 Part 1

18:45 Part 2

32:35 Part 3

47:31 Part 4

1:01:18 THE END

If Whis & Beerus KIDNAPPED Broly, Then What?

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