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The B̨͍̺̖̔͌̾̾A̝͈̟̤͊͑̎̚D̯̮͖̞̀͂̈͛ Ending for Dragon Ball

What if the Garlic Jr saga of Dragon Ball Z led to something even more powerful than what we got? Could the Black Water Mist from the DBZ filler yield a compelling Halloween tale? Here is the full story. Goku, Trunks, Gohan and even Freeza and King Cold are caught up in a very thrilling adventure that could spell doom for the Dragonball timeline in all iterations. Is everything safe?

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00:00 The Terror of The Black Water Mist (Part 1)

11:02 The Terror of The Black Water Mist (Part 2)

19:13 The Terror of The Black Water Mist (Part 3)

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