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What if We Had a Second Tournament of Power?

What if we had a brand new Tournament of Power with the Omni King (Zeno) where Gamma 1, Broly, Granolah and Merus could fight for Universe 7 against Jiren and many others. Should we have one? Let's discuss the next possible Dragon Ball Super arc.

I know what you are thinking... isn't it too soon, Masako? We already had a tournament of power and that was pretty fun for what it was...definitely not the most exciting idea going, but it definitely managed to stick the landing somewhat with that epic Freeza/Goku collaboration and us getting plenty of Android 17 action...but a video @Geekdom101 did regarding the idea of another Universe Survival Arc got us pondering and our whatiffery-riddled brains were kicked into high gear. What if there was another tournmant of power. Don't worry we're not going to give you a story regarding this because it's very very tedious; something of which neither of us particularly enjoys doing...but we'll definitely give you our thinking and working. Broly vs Jiren? Gamma 1 vs Hit?

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What if We Had a Second Tournament of Power?

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