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Broly WILL REPLACE Beerus. Here's Why.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero has shown that Broly WILL become the new Beerus in the future since he has now begun training with Whis and Goku, with the goal of controlling his Legendary Super Saiyan power. Will we get Beerus vs Broly after the cat befriends Cheelai and Lemo? What is the future for the destroyer?

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We cannot help but wonder... what will be Freeza's role in all of this, after all he did to get Broly on this path. And seeing that he is the other, often cited candidate for the next GoD...things may become spicy. Maybe the two will compete? Or maybe we will have Cooler show up after all? The truth is is that we don't know. But for now, one thing is for sure... Broly's future is tied to Beerus!

Broly WILL REPLACE Beerus. Here's Why.

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