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Granolah: Nobody Cares. (Dragon Ball Super Manga)

The Dragon Ball Super manga wrapped up its latest saga: Granolah The Survivor. What did we think of the Moro Arc sequel? Goku and Vegeta had a new rival to go up against which led to True Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Ego Vegeta, Black Frieza, Full Power Gas, new Dragon Balls as well as plenty of action...but was it a waste of time? Find out in this review.

After about 20 months or so, the Granolah the Survivor Arc is finally over! Not only that, but we've got a few months before the next saga begins to stew over this particular passage so let's do it! With the entire story now laid out to us, we can discuss it as a whole product and story. I am fully aware that reviewing individual chapters isn't the best way to go about things, but sometimes it's good to get an initial reactions. Also, let me know if you've liked the last few reviews and how I changed up my review process, leave a comment with your thoughts. Today though, we can talk about the good... the bad... and the... weird that was the Cerellian's story and now legacy. Is it a bad saga, as many would like to claim? Was it a waste of time and a somewhat drag on the overall Super Story? Is it still kinda good as Haverok and I claimed at the beginning? Do we still believe that? What worked and what didn't? Did the ending save it, or did it do quite the opposite? Let's talk about it.

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Right off the bat, something we would like to make clear to you, those who might not want to give this saga a chance from the outset just because it came across as boring from what little you may have seen; just like with Moro, reading through the entire thing in one go, or without interruption from month-long pauses really helps the experience, but that should be no surprise really. Any story which you have to wait four weeks to continue with will certainly cause a disjointed's just with the way most chapters ended and then we would wait, it would naturally cause a feeling of disappointed mediocrity...but put them together, that all goes away so already one big stumbling block is cast aside! Now when it comes to the beginning, we still stand by our initial reaction. The beginning is still very strong, we reckon. Granolah's introduction in Chapter 67, which is a "bridging" chapter between the Moro and Granolah arc is still pretty cool, something that we hadn't really seen in Dragon Ball before. Having no timeskips or anything like that, going right into the next arc with no delay is quite dynamic and a statement of intent that not everything is tied up in a nice bow. As we see the remains of 7-3, a major plot point in the Moro arc being involved with our main character Granolah, him doing some bounty hunting... in a way kinda unique to Dragon Ball?

00:00 The Introduction

01:22 An Important Message

02:06 The Beginning Is The Best

04:31 A Slippery Slope

05:30 The Action Starts...

06:08 Ultra Ego Vegeta

07:02 The Weakness of the Saga

09:36 The Bardock Flashbacks...


11:35 Step on the Gas...or he will step on YOU!

13:02 Bardock vs Gas: Filler?

13:59 Oil and Macki: Saving Graces

14:18 THAT Finale: Granolah WHO?


16:06 The Oracle Fish Is A Red Herring

16:41 Black Frieza: Why Didn't Granolah React?!

18:18 Our Rating

Granolah: Nobody Cares | Dragon Ball Super

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