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What if Gohan Was The Legendary Super Saiyan? [FULL STORY] | Dragon Ball Z

Supposing that Dragon Ball Z made GOHAN the Legendary Super Saiyan instead of Broly? Would this lead to opportunity with Goku and friends or peril before anything even began? Here's the full story.

WHAT IF Gohan Was Like Broly? - Gohan has a lot of boosts as a child...but what if this Dragon Ball Z character and his trademark surges end up being more like ones that Broly exhibit? With Goku in the Other World, Piccolo and Kami have to work together to get Gohan ready to defend the Earth with the rest of the Dragon Team? Will the kid do well or cause more problems? #DragonBall #WhatIf #DragonBallWhatIf #DragonBallZ #DragonBallSuper #gohan

00:00 Introduction

15:11 Part 2

27:06 Part 3

38:21 Part 4

52:11 Part 5

1:02:11 Part 6

1:15:08 Part 7

1:30:17 Part 8

1:46:08 Part 9

2:01:46 Finale

What If Gohan Was The Legendary Super Saiyan? | Dragon Ball Z

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