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What if Piccolo Had A Son? | Dragon Ball Z

In the future of Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo had to make a choice. Like his father, he sired a son. What If Piccolo Had a Son and Future Gohan had to help raise it?

See, as much as we would like to have it that Piccolo survived in this version of events, that wouldn't really make much sense given how strong the androids were by comparison. Trunks and Gohan are the only ones who survive and that's how it will remain BUUUUUUT, Piccolo can change what he, in this timeline, when he is staring his own demise squarely in the face, he decides to make one last desperate move; something that his father had done that brought him into the world: before he dies at the hands of Android 17, Piccolo is able to spit out an egg, when he manages to get a Solar Flare off on the droid and get some temporary cover. His luck is shortlived though when 18 catches him, she wearing some very strong sunglasses. "Oh please," she said with disdain, "That little lightshow is all you got? Pathetic. Now stay down, you pesky slug." With that, 18 finishes Piccolo off with 17's pride taking a metaphorical bashing. Despite this blow to our Dragon Team, Piccolo did successfully hide his egg from the Androids, neither of them were any the wiser. According to Gero's findings, there was no record of Piccolo ever being able to replicate King Piccolo's actions, they couldn't sense energy either so they flew off to find more meat to fry.

What if Piccolo Had A Son? | Dragon Ball Z

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