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Black Frieza Is Basically a Saiyan. Here's Why.

Here is Black Frieza and his transformation explained. Why this could mean that Freeza is now more Saiyan than ever. He has become more like Goku and Vegeta than he ever expected despite not liking Saiyans.

Black Freeza has to be one of the most ambivalent transformations I have seen in a while. It's both something that is relatively safe in terms of what to do with Freeza's growth...BUT IT IS ALSO REFRESHING. Thank Kami we didn't get another shiny iteration of the emperor. After years of fan-made creations (including our own Bronze Cell), the idea of another precious material to denote Freeza's increase in power has sort of, pun intended, lost its lustre. But with the idea of the colour black, which never goes out of style, Freeza has been reborn with even more intrigue and wanderlust...not to mention its introduction is so him. Let's talk more about this brand new design. Now I know also that some people may be upset about spoilers...but first off, you probably already heard about this from other avenues of the internet and probably were never going to read the manga anyway, yeah? Let's get that out in the open.

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The DBS Manga in Chapter 87 was changed forever what we think of Frieza and now our Super Saiyans have to do more than just True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta.

Black Frieza Is Basically a Saiyan. Here's Why.

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