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What if Raditz Went to Earth Instead of Goku? Part 16 | Dragon Ball Z

What if Raditz was sent to Earth instead of Goku? One of the biggest changes to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z could come about if the OTHER son of Bardock ended up on Earth...what if it had been Raditz who got to live with Grandpa Gohan. As for Kakarot, what would've Freeza done had he had him as a "pet" instead of Prince Vegeta? Find out today as we discover this massive what if! Dragon Ball Super What if Raditz came to Earth early? Is Raditz good? In Dragon Ball Z, Goku/Kakarot and Raditz are rivals and things are looking grave. However, a chance to make amends arrives with the Namekian Dragon Balls...will Frieza show up to get them or will a princely being do so? Enter Vegeta!

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What If Raditz Went To Earth Instead Of Goku? Part 16

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