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Did Android 21 DEFEAT Bulma with Dr Hedo?

In Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, Dr Hedo is able to outsmart both Bulma AND Dr Gero, his grandfather. Could this new scientist be greater than the best of Capsule Corp?

Dragon Ball is surprisingly filled with brilliant scientists. No joke, a substantial amount of goodies and baddies within this series are intelligent...and I'm not talking about the brilliant SAIYANTIST Bardock...thankfully. For a start, we have Bulma, Doctor Briefs, Doctor Frappe, Doctor Wheelo, Dr. Kochin, Doctor Gero and his partner Vomi (still can't believe Toriyama called her that), as well as the Android 21 who is based on her, Dr. Papparoni from Universe 3, Dr. Miyuu from GT, Doctor Lychee from the Hatchiyack special...uhm, yeah, that guy. The guy what is famous for Haverok's favourite still from Dragon Ball yet...for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, these aren't all of them, but at least some of the more prominent examples going. We haven't referred to the fact of the Tuffles and Universe 3 as a whole, but the main point of this discussion is that there are a lot of smart people in Dragon Ball aside from really strong ones, with Gero and Bulma being among the brightest of minds going...

but recently we were introduced to someone who might be even smarter than either of them. Which is quite a surprise, since we've been so used to, since the very beginning of the series itself, that Bulma was the smartest that any organic entity could be in the show...but no. Looks like we have a new challenger. This young prodigy started his path towards genius at the early age of 14 and by the age of 24 he already has a PhD, most likely multiple PhDs...that's right, today we are gonna talk about the newest Doctor to enter the pantheon of Dragon Ball, Dr. Hedo.

Did Android 21 DEFEAT Bulma with Dr Hedo?

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