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What if Goku NEVER Hit His Head? Part 2 | Dragon Ball

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What if Goku never turned good? He never became good. Instead, had Goku never hit his head at the start of Dragon Ball, would he be evil?

Now recently, I went ahead and sampled a tier list made by one of my followers on Reddit on the MasakoX subreddit and felt that it might have been quite a nice retrospective on nearly all of the stories that Haverok and I have spearheaded over the years...and yes, there were quite a few of them that I would probably want to go back and redo, thinking that I might have been either a little too hasty or that I probably could've done better tackling. This being one of them. At first it seemed OK, but then it sorta became a little rushed and ultimately wasn't all that fun by the end...although Raditz DID get to feature and become a bigger brother to the ape Kakarot...if you want to see the original version of this story, you can check it out up top but for now, let's redo this story.

What if Goku NEVER Hit His Head? Part 2 | Dragon Ball

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If Goku never bumped his head, if Goku never be came good .

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