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Why Cell Max was PERFECT in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Here is why we think that Cell Max was PERFECT in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero!

Now aside from the rather...flamboyant nature of today's discussion video, we have some genuinely compelling thoughts for this outing. With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero being around for a while (or coming out today for those in the West) we've decided to take some time and talk about its final menace, the infamous Cell Max! Yes, the very new iteration of Cell which has generated quite a lot of speculation...and derision amongst some circles of the community. We can now see him in all his green and red glory, thanks to this official art from Toriyama, one of the original bits of concept art for the film itself...and sad to see Gamma 2 like that, why did he have to go, man? While a lot of people thought that Cell or Cell-like creatures will be in the movie, not many Dragon Ball fans expected him to look like this... XL sized and very Garudeon-like...and NOT in his Perfect Form. People were surprised to see this instead, an ode to Semi-Perfect Cell...who was in fact Toriyama's favourite design of Cell I'll have you know!

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