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The Dragon Ball What ifs We'll NEVER Do!

If you want to see Queen Vegeta, this video is important. The Dragon Ball what ifs videos that we will probably never do (within reason).

You see, idea sourcing is often a compliated process, sometimes it is as easy as changing one thing in the existing timeline and calling it a day, but sometimes it is more complex that requires deeper research to understand the reasoning behind such a change to make it valid or viable for a long-form narrative. Other times, the placement of the differentiator makes our job more flexible and at other times very rigid. The earlier we start, the more scope we have...but the more variables and plot points we have to take heed of...Lately, we didn't really want to concentrate on just one thing and call it a day, instead we have tried to be... more experimental? After all, there is only so many times we can go from Raditz to Buu and keep it wholly similar...after all, the games did it for us years ago. #DragonBall #WhatIf #DragonBallWhatIf

Today we talk about the stories we don't wish to tackle at this time. Such as crossovers with other anime, Super Dragon Ball Heroes content, Perfect Cell Turning Good specifically and of course what if Vegeta was female or a girl or a woman & more!

The Dragon Ball What ifs We'll NEVER Do!

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