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Gohan & Piccolo SAVED Dragon Ball Super. Here's Why.

Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Super Hero - but if you're a Gohan or Piccolo fan, you'll like it!

Gohan and Piccolo are now relevant again with their new powers - Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo. When it comes to surprises, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does not leave us wanting. You see, it has given us not just one, but two new forms for characters that hadn't really gotten any new transformations since the days of Z. Hav and I have been saying since the movie came out, Super Hero's own brief has been to address the typical maladies that befall the franchise...and make them right. The Earthlings not doing anything, the Saiyans dominating the story and doing everything, Gohan not getting the recognition he deserves. Everything has been tackled which resulted in Gohan and Piccolo being given new and seemingly divine powers that have brought them closer to the yardstick set by Goku and Vegeta. In fact, what made this even better, is that Gohan admitted that had they not gotten these new forms, and the Saiyans WERE present for their fight with Cell Max...they STILL might have lost. Wow. So maybe waiting for Goku might have been pointless! That's a thought. Explained. #DragonBallSuperSuperHero #DragonBallSuper #DragonBall #Gohan #Piccolo

Gohan & Piccolo SAVED Dragon Ball Super. Here's Why.

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