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Could a Dark Fox Supreme Kai Bride DEFEAT Goku?

Universe 13 was rumoured to be in Dragon Ball Super, but never got off the sketchbook. Let's bring them to life...but from the other side.

We are going to create one Makaioshin, one Demon Realm, Dabura-esque being and... one weird thing like Janemba. Why do we like making these characters? Well, we don't get many opportunities to do so outside of the what ifs and this place is a great example of flexing our creativity without thinking of major ways of shoehorning these things in. This isn't our first time when it comes to conjuring up malevolant beings; we already made a demon recently with the likes of Pazuzu, but these beings were so underutilized in the main storyline, that we could use MANY inspirations for those ones. And to make it even more interesting, we could go to three different cultures for inspiration, since we know that Dragon Ball likes to pick and choose different cultures for source material. If you like what we come up with, do leave us a like and subscribe for more Dragon Ball deep dives. Thank you!

Could a Dark Fox Supreme Kai Bride Defeat Goku?

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