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What if Cell Turned Good? Part 21 | Dragon Ball Super

So What If Perfect Cell turned good and then met Android 21? He was just too perfect for this idea...but this doesn't mean that we can't theorise about the idea of A Cell joining the side of Goku and the Dragon Team! Oh dear! Good Boi 21 and his children, Mita and Condra, are now solidly part of the group! Our good version of Cell is having troubles shaking off his legacy...but will Kami's method of purification work...or will we have a villainous Cell after all?! WHAT IF Cell Turned Good? Part 21 #DragonBall #WhatIf #DragonBallWhatIf #DragonBallSuper #DragonBallZ #DragonBall

What if Cell Turned Good? Part 21 | Dragon Ball Super

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