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Could Android 21 REALLY Be A Good Anime Villain?

Where does Dragon Ball go after Dragonball Super: Super Hero? Here are 5 ways the series could go from here. Android 21 in the anime? This is the future of Dragon Ball.

In one of our previous discussions, which had been written before most of the stuff about the plot for Super Hero was known to all and sundry, we made some predictions beforehand about what we could expect in terms of future movie plots, without knowing what EXACTLTY happens in the movie...since then we felt it would be a very curious medium to see if our mind has been changed and what other ideas we could expect going forward, be they for an animated movie or a potential anime SERIES...we don't know for sure, but these feel a little more grounded in what this latest movie has provided us in terms of narrative thought experiments. Could we see a Universe 6 Majin Buu? Android 21 becoming canon? More lore about Namek and Namekians? The end of Goku vs Vegeta? #DragonBallSuper #DragonBallZ #DragonBall #DragonBallSuperSuperHero #Android21

So now let's take a look at the scenarios we could now invent knowing what happened in the movie, with all the doors opened to us; where we can go now that we know the end point for our characters and who is around to either cause problems or provide some extra assistance. Obviously, BIG SPOILER warnings for anyone that doesn't wish to know anything about this movie before watching and massive respect to you, I am impressed you've been able to steer clear of them for this long...but again, last chance! All right, so with that out of the way, let's look at some...possibilities. We've got at least 5 for you today. Let's go!

Could Android 21 REALLY Be A Good Anime Villain?

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