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What if Frieza was Cooler? | Dragon Ball Z

If the DBZ baddies like Vegeta, Freeza, Cell and Buu were movie villains, what could their movies be like should they have been swapped? Let's find out what if Frieza was Cooler and Cooler was Frieza?

As you may probably know, we here at the MasakoX channel do like ourselves a little bit of conjecture and musings; and it seems like you are quite equally thoughtful. Where did this all stem from? You see, a few weeks ago we made our cheeky movie/TV villain switcheroo video, as requested by one of Round Table Viewers, LeaugeOfFox. As you can tell, we do like going with your ideas and considerations, as we like to value your thoughts!

As there are far less bad guys to cover for this one! Since there are only three major villains and a few other minor villains. Let's have some fun with the DBZ villains, shall we?

What if Frieza was Cooler and Cooler was Freeza? | Dragon Ball Z

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