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What if GOKU was BETRAYED by Beerus? | Dragon Ball Super

What If Goku was Betrayed by Beerus during Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, all because of the cat's desire to restore order to Universe 7 and become less reliant on regular folk. Does Whis share this same opinion? Could this change Dragon Ball Super forever? Will Zeno, the King of Everything, have something to say? Here's the full story.

The story begins during the sequence on Beerus's planet where Goku and Vegeta have been training for hours, without transforming into their Super Saiyan states. Beerus is watching this go down and throughout all this, he keeps looking at Cheelai, after he had made that comment about her being cute and saying that she and Lemo could stay on his planet for as long as they want, effectively granting the trio permanent residence on his world...but then it dawns on him as Vegeta, off in the distance, gets the last hit on Goku and claims victory over his greatest rival...with a thud akin to the prince falling backward to the ground, something came over Beerus. He had changed. What was he doing? He wasn't acting in a manner for a destroyer...he was acruing live-in chums and being swayed by cooking abilities and cuteness?! How did he become so much like a mortal, like he used to be...he wasn't one of those anymore though, he was more than that. He had been trying to assuay these feelings, that he had become soft...ever since the Tournament of Power he had been feeling weird about this whole arrangement...fraternising with mortals. The sheer relief from the victory had pushed those sentiments aside but now...with Cheelai being there and him getting the hots for her...that was when it was time to draw the line. For now though, what was he going to do?

What if GOKU was BETRAYED by Beerus? | Dragon Ball Super

This what if was inspired by Carthu and Smugstick, check out their interpretations!

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