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Vegeta's Female Descendent Is a BRILLIANT Scientist?

Dragon Ball Online provided us with many facts and characters that are being used in Xenoverse, FighterZ and the main series of Dragon Ball Super...but this one is the most interesting in the Dragon Ball Timeline.

But what's the point of this video? Well it's for the purpose of filling in the blanks for some people, exploring the wealth of content of the game...and honestly for people who might not be inclined to spend hours playing YET ANOTHER GAME to find out information they could find in one video...well here ya go! How did you come up with this? For example, we talk about the Red Ribbon Army and their future, Pilaf and his future as well as the female descendent of Vegeta, Trunks and Mai who actually was more like Bulma than you think. DBO was weird. What if Sho was Vegeta's great-great-great granddaughter?

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Vegeta's Female Descendent Is a BRILLIANT Scientist?

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