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Watch This Before You See Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is out very soon and could be a very cool movie! However, you should watch this before going to see this Dragon Ball film, to fully understand the content of the story!

Watch This Before You See Dragon Ball Super Super Hero - I think it's very important to fully understand the context of the potential adversaries that Gohan, Piccolo and Pan will most likely be pushing back against...but then of course Goku could easily come in and absolutely take the wheel from then and pretty much what he's been doing throughout the entire franchise's existence. But here's hoping that DOESN'T happen! So today, I wished to talk to you about the Red Ribbon lot and why it's a good thing that they are here at this point in Dragon Ball Super's lifespan - it's nowhere near as corny as you think! I think by understanding them more here, you can enjoy the experience even more. Here's why.

You know, Dragon Ball has had a lot of villains, I don't think you need me to tell you that. But amongst all of those mini-arc maladies and episodic enemies, we end up with only a handful becoming a recurring threat and only a couple that pretty much never left. I'm looking at you, Freeza! Yes, while the Pilaf Gang were the original nuissance and the first one to take on Goku (and actually nearly contributed to Dragon Ball's manga cancellation in part...), they did not really feel all that threatening in the long run. When you REALLY boil it down, Pilaf had a castle in the desert; with his own little micro-empire...and that's it. He wasn't bothering anyone else, or at least from what we could tell. He was in his own little bubble with delusions of grandeur...but Toriyama's comedic nouse back then managed to play it so it STILL looked sorta intimidating at the time.

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