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Popeye & Goku BROKE the Internet...

The official Popeye twitter account acknowledged Dragon Ball and the fact that Goku and Popeye are friends and rivals. What If Popeye and Goku were in Dragonball? Perhaps...

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Popeye's official twitter posted the work of Marcus Williams where Goku, Popeye and many other characters from DBZ and Popeye worked together with one another. This fanart has been noticed by an official source and now has broken the internet. Here is my reaction to this artwork, the fact that the official cartoon social media has embraced it and how this could actually happen. It's not just Goku...Chi-Chi, Frieza and Vegeta are all featured. To think this all came from a plan for a fanfiction! Good stuff! What If Goku met the sailor man?

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Popeye & Goku BROKE The Internet...

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