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What If Android 21 Raised Goku? FULL STORY | Dragon Ball Z

Android 21 from FighterZ is Goku's mother? How did this happen? Well 21 raised Goku to stop Dr Gero from getting his hands on him. Could this stop Dragon Ball in its tracks? Or would it lead to great things? Here's the full story. What If Android 21 Was Canon?

We normally receive requests for What If Gero Raised Goku...and our short answer would be normally...not good. When Gero would find out Goku was not of Earth could expect some rather spoopy Roswell stuff going on here which would lead to us playing the sound in terms of Goku's fate. However, with 21 here, this could play out a little more differently whilst also playing a compelling story. However, I don't feel like it could be something that could span over countless episodes so we're going to keep this to a one-and-done type of thing. I'm sorry, folks; but sometimes that's just the way things go. But to be fair! It's more than a lightning round entry so that is something, I suppose. So with that, let's set the scene as to how 21's influence could spell Goku's future and if you like this idea, why don't you like this video, subscribe for more and maybe perhaps leave a cheeky Super Thanks while you are at it. Thank you!

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In any case, in this world, Goku landed somewhere differently. Unlike our timeline where he landed at Capsule Corp, however...we are immediately into a quandary. You see, Android 21's history is...very muddled to say the least. If you look at the Kakarot games, 21 ACTUALLY worked for Capsule Corp, known as The Female Researcher, which helped develop the Gravity Room for Vegeta during the three-year timeskip BEFORE the Android saga. So wait! Does that mean that 21 would've been human when Goku landed on Earth? Yes! So what we are going to do here to make this work, is combine the Kakarot stuff with what we have in FighterZ to make a hybrid story...sorta like we did in Part 0 of the Gine story, which you can check out the full story of here. OK! Now we've got some groundwork, I can get the meat of this video underway.

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What If Android 21 Raised Goku? FULL STORY | Dragon Ball Z

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