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Android 21 Is Too Much & MORE | Dragon Ball Z

On Android Day, May 12th, let's celebrate by ranking every android from Dragon Ball and Dragon Bal Z and see which is best and which are worst. Let's discuss! Why is Android 21 rated lower?

Let's rank every Dr Gero creation in #DragonBall and #DragonBallZ and ask why they are where they are. Here are our top 10 Dragon Ball androids! #DragonBallSuper #Android18 #DBZ #Android21 #DragonBallFighterZ

00:00 Introduction

01:49 Android No.10

04:03 Android No.9

05:44 Android No.8

07:23 Android No.7

08:45 Android No.6

10:54 Android No.5

12:04 Android No.4

13:25 Android No.3

15:19 Android No.2

16:48 Android No.1

Hey folks, MasakoX here. I can't believe the timing of today and the fact we have this type of discussions. What's it about? You guys! ANDROIDS! Correct. It's May 12th, my friends! And you know what this dates mean within Dragon Ball, right? This is the day of the famed appearance of two Androids, as prophesized by Future Trunks! Now depending on the timeline that you are currently residing in and watching this video, we are talking about either Androids 17 and 18 or 19 and 20...

But today, to properly mark this date on the channel (since we've not really done so before bizarrely) we decided to look through the archives of Gero's inventions and rank them accordingly, based on their popularity in the fandom, how we personally feel about them... and how fun they are in the franchise. And everybody likes a good list, yeah? As well as opinions. Before we get started, we are not going to be including the Dragon Ball Online androids because, quite frankly, we know only bits and pieces about them and honestly this list is going to have plenty of characters regardless. Also, Mr Perfect Cell is not on the list, as he is a pretty different type of Android...he's more bio-mechanical and GROWN by Gero and not MADE. Besides, what with his magnificent jawline, he would win without much thought. It would've been too easy! Not to mention the fact that we've discussed plenty about him in other videos. So let's start from the bottom of the barrel...

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