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Revelation F - Season 2 Cast & Crew Chill Stream

In the sequel from Frieza turning good, we follow him and his crew as they traverse the Dragon Ball Z universe on his quest to become a better person in DBZ. Join us live with cast & crew to discuss the series.

Dragon Ball Z: Revelation F (Episode 24) What If Frieza Turned Good?

After many attempts at making a good story about this, I think I have a good idea for a Dragon Ball fan made series and Dragon Ball what if about what might happen had Freeza started to think differently about his situation after the Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z . Would he be different? How would he remove himself from King Cold, his father? There are a lot of things that happened after the match between him and Super Saiyan Son Goku arrived....will he find answers within this DBZ audiobook? #Dragonball #Whatif #DragonballWhatIf #DragonballZ #Dragonballsuper #Freeza #Frieza

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