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NEW HIDDEN DLC17 SPECIALS & ULTIMATE SKILLS UPDATE| Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2(Festival Of Universes)

Hello everyone! I sure hope you support this video by giving it a like please! As today, I wanted you guys to see something interesting. What that is? The fact that we have NEW DLC SPECIALS & ULTIMATE SKILLS IN THIS UPDATE!

To be specific, it looks like with the Festival of Universes event, you can unlock these unique skills! And characters have gotten BIG Updates! Such as Goku's Spirit Bomb, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta's God Punisher, and more!

Credit to RatSmasher! He managed to find this out, reveal it, and w/o him, I wouldn't have been able to do this Vid. Follow his twitter here








Intro: 0:00

Festival Skills: 0:52

Other Skills: 2:17

Characters Featured In this Video With the UPDATED Attacks include:

Krillin(Solar Flare)

Raditz-Double Sunday

Nappa(Arm Crash)

Captain Ginyu(Milky Dance)

Android 18(Deadly Dance)

Perfect Cell(Perfect Attack)

LSSJ Broly(Gigantic Omega)

Fat Buu(Innocent Bullet)

Pan(Feint Shot)

Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black(Divine Retribution)

Goku(Super Spirit Bomb)


Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta(God Punisher)