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(2022) NEW DBS & DBGT Goku Special Quotes| Dragon Ball FighterZ(SEASON 3)

This is the ULTIMATE Compilation of NEW Special Quotes/Interactions for Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ! Taking into account his Mastered Ultra Instinct Form, Super Saiyan Blue Form, SSJ Form, GT Form, and Base! For this, I decided to upload his unique pre battle and post battle dialogue that he has with the cast.

I figured I’d also include the dialogue he has with all of the Season 3 characters. Which includes Labcoat Android 21 and Super Baby Vegeta 2!


SSB Goku: 0:00

MUI Goku: 15:19

SSJ Goku: 26:39

GT Goku: 42:29

Base Goku: 53:41

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of my favorite games, and I feel that sean schemmels voice acting is easily the best when it concerns FighterZ Quotes!


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Other character in this Video include:

Super Baby Vegeta 2

Master Roshi

SSJ2 Kefla

DBZ Broly

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Beerus God of Destruction

DBS Ultimate Gohan

SSJ2 Kid Gohan

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

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