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Part 2 of the Dragon Ball Legends 4th Year Anniversary is here! With that, I figured I’d do a FULL Gameplay showcase of the NEW Legends Limited Dragon Fist Super Saiyan 3 Goku! Showing off a FULL Gameplay showcase, along with doing several battles against Real Life Opponents. I even did the Legendary Finish Dragon Fist on an opponent! LL DBZ Movie 13 is the latest Goku unit, and my impressions of him are that he’s..not bad. Timestamps below:


Battle 1: 0:00

Battle 2(W/Legendary Finish): 3:47

Battle 3: 7:21

Battle 4: 9:31

Battle 5: 10:51

Battle 6: 13:31

While getting his unique gauge to 100% is a bit slow, he does have Card Draw Speed. Along with being able to nullify cover changes. I think overall, he’s a very good unit.

I’m running him on a Saiyan Team with Revival Gohan(or technically, Movies/Saiyans/Son Family Hybrid). My LF SSJ3 Goku is 5*.

Full Team Set up: 5* LF Dragon Fist SSJ3 Goku, 7* Revival Gohan, 7* MUI Goku, 8* Ultra Super Gogeta, 14* DBZ Movie 5 SSJ Goku(Bench), 14* Raditz(Bench)


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