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*NEW* ANIMATED Final Gohan Transformation Cutscene & GAMEPLAY DLC 14 UPDATE | DBXV2

With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero being out in Japan, there are several videos of Final Gohan VS Cell Max. With that in mind, several people in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 community have decided to put out Final Gohan as a character for the game.

One of those, is IME, who has put out arguably one of the best Final Form Gohan Transformation mods for DBXV2! Showing off a pretty unique, new and interesting transformation cutscene. The other version is AymanDZ and Karim's version. Both look very unique in their own ways and I feel they accurately represent Gohan’s transformation in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. I am of course, saying that it’s a good thing.

Another mod showcased is a NEW Full Power Jiren Transformation Mod. Where he has his skills from Dragon Ball Legends.

Overall, I hope you enjoy. Timestamps are below


Mod Showcase: 0:00

Battles Against The CPU: 3:06


Final Gohan DLC14 Gameplay

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super Hero DLC Pack

Final Gohan VS Cell Max

NEW Animated Final Gohan Transformation Gameplay

NEW Full Power Jiren Showcase W/Legends Custom Skills

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero FULL DLC Update Pack

Orange Piccolo

Final Gohan and Orange Piccolo VS Cell Max DLC Gameplay

Final Transformation Ultimate Gohan Uses Special Beam Cannon and Kills Cell Max


AymanDZ and Karim(Ayman Sent me the Mod)

IME DZ(Final Gohan and Full Power Jiren)

Unleashed(Kamehameha Skill)

The101GamerChief(Gohan Assets?)