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HUGE NEWS! NEW Ultra Instinct Goku Transformation REVEALED | DBS Manga CH 85 SPOILERS

That's right folks! The NEW Ultra Instinct variation for Goku has been officially REVEALED in Dragon Ball Super: Manga Chapter 85! Specifically, this is the NEXT evolution of Ultra Instinct! He uses this new variation/form against Gas, the antagonist of the Granola arc of Dragon Ball Super

To go into the specifics, he decides to use this form after Vegeta has been defeated. And it looks like this version of Ultra Instinct does better than his regular Mastered Ultra Instinct Form? We even see a NEW form of Gas!


Introduction: 0:00

Vegeta VS Gas: 00: 24

NEW Ultra Instinct Form: 1:02

NEW UI Goku VS Gas Fight: 1:32

NEW Gas Form: 2:31



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